DEVEX Cryo Extraction

DEVEX Cryo Ethanol eXtraction Series

Biomass Crude Oil Extraction from the global leader in Bio-Extraction Technology
DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik GmbH - Germany

This multi flexible series can be used to get a pure extract without any additional winterization from various plant, e.g. medical cannabis and others.
All-in-one solvent cooling, cryo-extraction, solvent recovery and Decarboxylation system. Low residual solvent left in spent biomass by means of steam stripping, sub-zero extraction temperature, no winterization, no spinning column. 

The DEVEX all in one Cryo Ethanol Extraction Series provides the following processes:

  • Ethanol / solvent cooling
  • Ethanol / solvent extraction
  • Ethanol / solvent stripping out of biomass after extraction
  • Ethanol / solvent Recovery from crude extract
  • Decarboxylation

Available in 3 sizes

  • CryoEXS 100 | 1x 100 Liter extraction vessel in DEVEX easy to clean design
  • CryoEXS 400 | 1x 300 Liter extraction vessel in DEVEX easy to clean design
  • CryoEXS 800 | 2x 300 Liter extraction vessel in DEVEX easy to clean design

From extraction to decarboxylation - the state-of-the-art cannabis / hemp extraction process.

Explosion Protection

The equipment will be designed according to EU ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU and the applied solvent. Other international standards e.g. IECEx or UL requirements on request possible.


All process critical parts in contact with product min AISI 316, according to requirements of food and pharma industry.

GMP documentation

The DEVEX CryoEXS will be designed with reference to EU GMP guidelines and will be supplied with standard documentation from FS to OQ. A prerequisite for proper implementation of GMP through the client is a URS provided by the client. A suitable and turnkey GMP concept can be supplied by well know GMP consultant and DEVEX partner.

DEVEX CPO Design (Connect – Plug – Operate)

The DEVEX CryoEXS system will be mounted on stainless steel skids, almost piped and cabled, and can be used directly after interconnection to the necessary utilities.

Tailor Made design

Beside the CryoEXS series DEVEX is happy to fulfill the client’s needs and requirement in tailor made designs. No matter if various solvents shall be applied in one machine, if the extraction shall be done in a centrifuge, or the overall process shall look completely different, DEVEX will be your partner from requirement clarification to start of production of the tailor made systems, and even beyond. 

DEVEX is proud to be a partner of Root Sciences, the global leader in the distribution of equipment and support services for processing facilities in the cannabis and hemp industries.

DEVEX is proud to partner with J&K Consulting GmbH, a leading consulting agency for all sectors of cGxP compliance, especially in the medical cannabis sector. The realization of GACP and GMP is multi-layered and complex in its implementation. As a long-term partner of researching and producing pharmaceutical companies J&K solve GACP and GMP relevant organizational issues goal oriented and do offer the opportunity to set up an agile service for projecting. 

Benefit from the competitive advantage of the two leading companies!

With the cooperation of DEVEX and J&K Consulting you benefit from both the experienced plant manufacturer and the experts in cGxP and receive a plant fully compliant and ready to operate. 

  • CryoEXS: process steps from extraction to decarboxylation in one machine 
  • High quality equipment engineered and made in Germany 
  • Full service during the whole lifecycle of the project and a partner in case of emergency 
  • Fully compliant to GMP and GACP guidelines • Establishment of high-quality standards 
  • Reliable and optimized processes 
  • Fast and cost-effective start of production 
  • Competitive advantage through production safety, high product standards and reliability 


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