Technical Service


global technical backup-service to ensure the efficiency of your machines

technical support and training on the machines

annual or longterm maintenance contracts

factory layouts and consultancy to future investments

buyback options of your machinery as a tool for financial support

technical and commercial evaluations of machines and equipments

technical personnel & operators available for you


Trade Finance & Lease

  • compensation counter-trade
  • lease contracts with technical back-up

Through dph’s accumulated experience of more than 25 years offering,we are able to counter trade your purchase of a new machine with our purchase of your used machine(s). Counter trades are a way of financially compensating new purchases in a flexible way, potentially with no cash needed upfront. We are able to counter trade a wide array of products against purchases of machines in our portfolio. dph is committed to your success, favouring creativity and effectiveness over economic aspects alone whilst we keep our commitment to you.

dph provides the market with quality machinery on a lease basis with technical support through our own engineers. We help companies to initiate their tea packing business and gain experience until they feel confident to do so on their own in our shared industry.

We also provide established companies with peak orders with our machines, who do not need to invest directly in the purchase of additional machines immediately.

Contract Packing

There are many benefits to outsourcing your supply chain. These include cost reduction, superior packaging and professional operation and optimization of your packaging line.

As a partner to satisfy your need for packing your products we will connect you to our co-packing partners, who provide machinery, labor force, materials, logistics and warehousing to successfully manage your supply chain needs.

This allows you to focus on the core responsibilities of your company without having to dedicate time, money, and effort to how and where your product will be packaged and shipped.

Global Presence Service

dph invites SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) to take advantage of our global networks across the packaging sectors. Transforming previously national companies into international respected market members. Growing to a global network, take advantage of our sales and engineering expertise.

Buy Back

We are ready to buy back your existing machinery as a tool for financial support to your new machine investments with us.

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